I’ve been doing interviews with some AMAZING women, to talk about creating a bespoke package for them. I offer accountability but you’re expected to put the work in to achieve your goals.

My advice is always this: ‘Go big AND be realistic’

I want you to stretch beyond the limits of your comfort zone. I want you to see the big vision for your biz and go for it. I want to support you to create it. I also want you to be realistic with where you are at in your biz, the hours that you have available for your biz each week, and the time frame that we work together.

I’ll do everything in my power to help get you there. And if I show up for you, I expect that you’ll show up for yourself too. I’ll give you tasks, projects, and energy work that’s gonna stretch you beyond the limits of your comfort zone in order to achieve your intention. I’m all in, which means you must be too.

Your part of the deal is that you do everything in your power.

Want my help? Book an interview here: https://chenaecareycoaching.as.me/interview