It’s quite common to hear about Facebook doing weird things. Sometimes people can’t access their page insights, other times you can’t schedule posts. I’ve heard about pages disappearing entirely, and comments being duplicated in the one conversation. The list goes on and on, and there’s always new glitches happening. I see lots of folks getting really frustrated and angry at Facebook, and that’s what I want to dig a little deeper into today.

Firstly, Facebook is FREE. It is a free platform that allows you to connect with your friends and family in a way that wasn’t available ‘back in the day.’ They regularly update the FB app for us, to improve its usability and fix bugs that they’ve become aware of. They change the platform to suit our ever-evolving societies and cultures. They give us new options and settings to play with. They give us new experiences.

So what do you do when Facebook starts glitching out? Be grateful.

Rather than getting angry and frustrated, be grateful. It’s your choice to be low vibe, and why would you want that? Plus, getting angry at Facebook is like directing your anger at nothingness. You’re probably not really angry with Mark Zuckerberg, although he’s the face of the Facebook, let’s face it – he’s not doing any of the tech stuff these days. And if you are angry at him, why bother? Try being GRATEFUL for Facebook. You probably wouldn’t be reading this blog without Facebook. You couldn’t stay in touch with your friends and family near and far without Facebook. You wouldn’t be able to connect in groups without FB. You wouldn’t have a free platform to promote your biz without FB. You wouldn’t be able to stalk people without FB – in a good way, lol! You wouldn’t be able to find long lost friends or people you went to school with without FB. Your life wouldn’t be the same without FB.

So when Facebook starts glitching out, RELAX. Don’t get worked up. It’ll eventually work itself out. It’s a MASSIVE platform. They update it for us REGULARLY, and constantly improve it for us. Some of the changes need to be rolled out, so that the entire platform doesn’t fall apart. So if you don’t have a new function yet, relax. There’s 2.2 billion monthly active users (as of January 2018). With that many users, there’s bound to be some glitches along the way. 

Here’s some practical things you can do:

  1. If the issue in happening in the FB app, update your app
  2. Write a post and ask if anyone else is experiencing the same thing
  3. If anyone replies and shares advice on how to rectify the issue, try it
  4. Google the issue – chances are you’re not the only one (in billions of users) experiencing the glitch
  5. Get off Facebook and come back later
  6. Report the issue to FB (this is something many people don’t bother to do but if FB don’t know there’s an issue, how can they fix it?!)

And if all else fails, write a list of ten things that make you feel grateful for Facebook and then DO SOMETHING ELSE. Phone a friend, go for a walk, do something around the house, take a nap, do your bookkeeping, or google some bad dad jokes. Basically – do anything that stops you thinking about it. Don’t be angry, be grateful. I invite you to head over to this post to share something that you are grateful for, when it comes to Facebook. Just one thing, it can be big or small. Let’s change the conversation about Facebook and be grateful for the connection it brings to our lives. Join the conversation here: