Alright FB, we need to talk. What the bloody hell is going on with FB right now? I’m seeing people freaking out because their biz pages have just DISAPPEARED, others have had weird things happening with their notifications, and some people are just seeing heaps of weird stuff happening.

Just this morning, I got a notification that someone had posting in one of the FB groups I run for my FB content workshops. The person is NOT in that group. I should know – it’s a paid membership group. Weird….

For those of you who are a little woo woo like me, you’ve probably thought it was Mercury Retrograde. Although it’s finished now (it ended on Dec 22) you may still see some wacky things happening on FB. But it’s okay.

Facebook and Zuckerberg are pretty keen on continuous improvement. There’s lots of things happening behind the scenes in FB-land. Whilst they’re always improving and changing, it feels like they’ve ramped it up lately. Some countries have been used for rolling out tests of new functionality, whilst other changes are being rolled out across the board. For example, you can now screen share on FB live, and you can do polls on your biz page. You can even use GIFs! 

Here’s some other cool stuff that’s happening:


Here’s some interesting topics:


Here’s something you should be aware of if you have a FB page:

So, although it can be frustrating with all the changes, think about what life would be like without FB. In fact, think about what FB would be like if they DIDN’T make changes. Remember what status updates were like? We were writing in third person. “Chenae Carey is feeling amused.” Think about all the great stuff you’ve seen on FB live. And don’t forget how you can easily stay up to date with your friends and family who live in different cities, states and countries – all thanks to FB.

So let’t cut them some slack, they’re providing us with a free platform that does SO MUCH for us. It’s pretty bloody good.