If you’re feeling frustrated about your FB page efforts not converting into sales of your stuff – you’re not alone. I’ve spoken to truck loads of female solopreneurs who feel the same way. So I bet you’d like to know HOW to get those posts to convert, right?

Why aren’t they converting?

Let me answer your question with another question. How would you even KNOW if they are converting? Chances are, you’re probably just not getting the sales you’d like. Am I right? I don’t even know if MINE are converting. Not specifically. What tools are you using to measure that conversion? Cause if you’re not using FB ads, I would LOVE to know what you’re doing to track it. Cause it’s REALLY DIFFICULT to track whether a sale came from an organic Facebook post. Why? Because it often takes a bunch of touch points for someone to purchase from you, and unless you’ve got a fancy-schmancy system, you’re not gonna KNOW what role your FB posts played in that. Expecting them to convert is just going to cause you stress.

The PURPOSE of your FB posts

Your FB posts on your page should be about connection and relationship building. When you expect them to CONVERT into sales, you’re setting yourself for disappointment, because you’ll never know if they are until you start investing in FB ads. The only way you’ll know if a post converts is if someone comments on a promo post and says so. Most people don’t do that!

What’s REALLY going on?

  • If you’re not getting enough sales – Facebook MUST be to blame, right? Nope.
  • Are you looking for a reason to NOT have to post on your biz page? Yep, that’s common.
  • Or maybe you’re frustrated at coming up with content ALL THE TIME. You’re not the only one.

These are all really common. If this is you, it’s time to shift the focus from conversion to connection, and let your posts off the hook. Focus on using Facebook as an opportunity to connect, create conversations and build relationships with your community. It’s time to let go of any expectations that you might have that your FB posts should convert directly to sales.

If you’re not getting the sales you’d like

If you’re not getting the sales you’d like, look deeper and further. Look at what you’re putting out on all the other marketing strategies you’re employing. And remember, if you’re in the early stages of biz and you’re still working on your message, your marketing and your systems – then you’ve probably changed your mind on a few things. You’ve probably pivoted your offers a few times and experimented with a few different things to sell. Give it time, and know that consistency is key.