Getting caught up in the fear of getting it wrong is so common! Too often, we get so caught up in what to post on our Facebook biz page that we don’t post at all. Let me tell you, ignoring your page won’t support your biz, so give it some love!

Follow other pages
There’s so much #inspo out there for content, you just need to make the time to look. Take a look at some pages that you like to follow, scroll through their timeline and find out why you like to follow them. Is it another entrepreneur posting a pic of their coffee whilst working at their local coffee shop? Is it their quirky sense of humour? Is it that they post captivating images that always grab your attention? Is it their language? Find out what that is and what you can use in your biz.

What interests you?
Scroll through your news feed and notice what you stop to read. Get an understanding of what you want to see and use that for inspiration. Don’t just use your social Facebook time to check out cute pics of your friend’s baby and scroll through photos from a birthday you went to on the weekend looking for photos you’re in. Start thinking about what you like. Start NOTICING what interests you. Once you know what you like, start applying that to your posts by turning your thoughts into action.

This is how it works:

Thought 1: “Oh, I liked that video because it was short and I learned something.”
Action 1: Post a short video that teaches something.
Thought 2: “I clicked love on that post because they checked in at one of my favourite cafes.”
Action 2: Have a meeting or work from your favourite cafe, take a pic and check on FB
Thought 3: “That post was really funny and not sales-like at all. It feels like a real person runs that business.”
Action 3: Post something funny and not salesy. Prove that you’re a real person running your biz.
Good luck!