Here’s some content ideas to consider. You could schedule one person post per week, fortnight, month, whatever works in with your social media schedule. It is SOCIAL media after all.

  • Post about who you are as a person. Your nature, your qualities, your beliefs, your values. Everything that makes you Who you are. For example, “For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Chenae and I’m a firm believer in empowering others. I am passionate, energetic, full on and my mission in life is to support others to spend time doing what they love most.” Add a selfie or a professional head shot and there’s your post.
  • Post about who you are in your biz. Are you the owner/director/principal/founder/co-founder/boss-lady? What is your title that tells people Who you are? For example, “If you are new to this page, I’d like to warmly welcome you. As the owner of Chenae Carey Coaching I personally manage this page and I look forward to connecting with you.” Add a warm welcoming photo of yourself (maybe add some text saying welcome in canva) and you’re good to publish this post. You can schedule these regularly with different photos and slightly different text.
  • If you have a team, post regularly about members of your team with relatable content. Post about Who they are as explained in the first point (above). If you have a team of chiropractors, ensure you have fun pics of them having fun as a team, playing with skeletons and adjusting each other. Social events should always have a team photo, that goes up live, or first thing Monday morning checking into the venue. If the team treat people from all walks of life, post about that too. This can include children, families and the elderly, to name a few. Always get permission if you plan to have a client/patient in a Facebook post. You’ll also get reach if they tag themselves and/or comment.

Well, that’s it, I hope you have fun creating some posts with these ideas.