I get it. You’re frustrated. You’ve been posting all the right things and the only posts that seem to get any traction seem to be that post you do every now and then about your bloody dog. Or the kids. Or your coffee. Or the poached eggs you had at that cafe. Or a family birthday.
You see, the reason that those posts perform well is that they are SOCIAL. And this a trap I see a lot of solopreneurs fall into. They believe that their business page is only meant to have BUSINESS stuff on it. Blogs, articles and stuff you sell.
But that’s just not the case.

Because it gets BORING.

And it gets boring reeeeeeeeeally fast.

You see, your biz page needs SOCIAL content too. It’s SOCIAL media after all. You need to have posts that aren’t your blogs and offers. You need a wide variety of content that is a good mix of fun, informative, valuable and relatable in addition to your blogs and sales posts. Why? Because that sneaky bloody algorithm will show more of your posts to people who ENGAGE. And what posts are the most engaging? The FUN ones. So why on earth would you starve people of FUN, when they are on SOCIAL media. They are on FB because they are looking for entertainment. So make sure you bloody well entertain them! Sure, you won’t get viral reach on every single post, but the more posts that perform better, the better that is for ALL of your content.
And by the way, fun content includes YOU. If you’re a solopreneur, people are buying YOU. You’d better make sure YOU are part of your content. If you’ve been following me for a while, it’s probably no surprise that I am a fan of Tash Corbin. Go and check out her biz page. There’s loads of fun stuff on there.
Remember to entertain your followers. If you don’t, they go from followers to likes that don’t see any of your posts. And why would you bother posting if nobody sees your posts, right? The number of likes you have is NOT a measure of success. Your ENGAGEMENT is.