You’re probably wondering whether I’m talking about the naughty ‘C’ word. Don’t worry – I’m not. I’m perfectly comfortable swearing but that particular word is NOT in my vocabulary. So what ‘C’ word does your business need when it comes to Facebook marketing?


You need to be consistent with your Facebook marketing. It’s time for me to get a little tough with you, because I am sick of seeing amazing women with amazing online business ideas fall into these traps and NEVER come back out. Most of us are guilty of at least one of these. It will not serve you if you fall into these traps in the future, but please be kind to yourself if you’ve done it in the past!
The dump and run
This happens when you post about what you sell once and expect a sellout. That’s not consistent.
What does she do again? 
Posting something different every week, because the thing you posted about last week didn’t sell out (see above point – The dump and run) That is confusing and not consistent.
Burn out
Needing to disappear from Facebook and needing a detox for weeks at a time because you got overwhelmed, and you tried to be in allllll the groups allllll the time doing alllll the things. How does that inconsistency build trust in your potential customers?
Sideline sitter
Watching from the sidelines is when you engage in Facebook groups by commenting on posts by others, but never post anything yourself. That’s consistent – but it’s consistent hiding.
This is when you have a FB page but NEVER post. And what’s worse, sometimes people then complain that their page doesn’t have any traction! Consistency builds traction.
When you’re feeling so overwhelmed with all the advice out there on how to do everything that you just don’t do anything. That’s as consistent as a rollercoaster.
The fear factor 
This is a juicy one. This is when you expect everyone to know who you are, and what you do, even though you don’t put yourself out there. It’s being so afraid that people won’t like you that you don’t give them any chance to get to know you. That’s not fair on them. How do you get to know someone quickly? Spend time with them, consistently.
The magic wand
This happens when you are simply avoiding doing the work to promote yourself and hoping and wishing that clients will just magically appear. If you do not promote yourself, who will?Please make sure you’re on your own marketing team. You need to be your own cheerleader, consistently.
Blaming FB
Oh my goodness Facebook get blamed for SO MUCH! It gets called terrible names like ‘time waster’ and it’s just not true, YOU are the one wasting time on Facebook. It’s the same as binge eating or watching TV. YOU make the choice to do it. Don’t blame Facebook.
Waiting for perfection
I am makeup free today! And I was makeup free yesterday when I ran a webinar and lots of people could see my face. And get the recording. Do you think they cared? Nope. It’s more important to them that I SHOWED UP. It doesn’t matter what you look like. If you cannot consistently do your hair and makeup to perfection, then don’t wait for perfection before you start getting out there. That will take FOREVERRRRRRRR.