Oh man, I love me a good content plan! Now before you get bored and think that planning isn’t exciting – what if I said that a content plan can bring fun, excitement and ease to your life and biz?

Have I got your attention yet?

I hope so.

Before I talk about how they bring JOY to your life, let me explain what content plans are, how they work and why you need one.

What is a content plan?

A content plan is something that has the general context of your posts mapped out each week. A content plan makes it easier for you to schedule and manage your FB page content. You plan your content in advance, you write it in advance and you schedule it in advance.

It can be as simple as a page in a notepad, or as complex as a board in Asana, google docs or evernote. It doesn’t actually matter how it looks or where it lives, because it’s only ever behind the scenes, keeping you on track. A content plan is simple. It has the days of the week, the times you’ll post and the type of post you’ll schedule all mapped out. For example, you might have posts that give value, social posts, fun posts, posts about what you sell, and posts about you. You don’t have to plan the actual post, just have it mapped out. It is entirely possible to have the content planned out too – and if you’re doing that already (I’m looking at you Denise Litchfield), kudos to you! But if you’re starting out, a content plan is a great start.

How does a content plan work?
So may people struggle with what to post. It’s normal, but it’s easy to overcome! The options are literally endless when it comes to content.

The 5 posts your FB biz page needs

Why do you need a content plan?
Once you’ve got a content plan, when you sit down to schedule your content – it becomes much easier. It also makes sure that your FB pages doesn’t become a ghost town when you become busy, or if the shit hits the fan.

It saves you loads of time because you won’t sit there with a blinking curser of doom wondering what the hell you’re gonna write about. Having a plan also helps combat procrastination – something that many of us are guilty of. Once you’ve got a plan, it’s so not painful. And if it’s not painful, you won’t avoid it like the plague, and you’ll be more likely to get it done! Being organised makes life so much easier, and you’ll actually get your content done faster with a plan, than without. When you’re organised, there’s also more time for fun. Which leads me to my final point….

How a content plan can bring JOY to your life
When you’re organised, you have more free time. You have set aside time to post, and you have a plan on what you’re posting. Once it’s done, it’s done! Then you’re not worrying about it.

Not worrying + free time = fun.

Fun = joy.

Pretty simple, huh?