When you start playing with the idea of OUTSOURCING, Facebook posts are one of the first things a lot of female solopreneurs (just like you and I) want to hand over. They often can’t wait to have someone take it off their hands. Now – before I share with you guys 3 reasons why I choose to outsource to a Virtual Assistant (VA) rather than a 3rd party scheduler, I want you to know something.


Systems Goddess Laura Dick quotes Denise Duffield-Thomas on this a LOT. It’s effortLESS, not effort NONE. The moment you try to hand ALL of the content over (including writing the posts) your voice disappears and it becomes less authentic. Please don’t think that outsourcing your FB content means that you won’t EVER be involved. I also suggest that you only outsource up to 70-80% of your content, and that the remaining 20-30% is posted by you. Here’s 3 reasons why I choose to outsource to a Virtual Assistant (VA) rather than a 3rd party scheduler.

Reason #1: It feels GOOD
The primary reason I outsource the scheduling of my Facebook content to a VA is because it feels REALLY good to be supporting another small business owner’s livelihood. I outsource both offshore and locally, and I love being able to say that I help someone else do what they LOVE and what they’re good at because that’s ultimately what I do in my biz. It feels so much better paying a VA than it would feel to pay a subscription fee to a third party scheduler. I choose the warm and fuzzies every time, HANDS DOWN.

Reason #2: Facebook prefers it
It’s beneficial to have an admin visiting your page on a regular basis – it’s good for the algorithm. One of Zuckerberg and Facebook’s core values is CONNECTION. If you only schedule posts once every 3 months and then never visit your page until you’re due to do another 3 months, it’s not very CONNECTED. Which is why I suggest you still post 20-30% of your content (on the go kinda stuff if you can). Your VA can schedule your content onto your other social media platforms for you too if you use them. They can take your on-the-go stuff from FB and re-purpose it for Insta. This also means that you don’t have the exact same content going up at the exact same time.

Reason #3: It’ll always be that way
Regardless of the changes that may happen with FB, they will ALWAYS favour content scheduled from the native FB scheduler. Despite there being lots of data out there about third-party schedulers and their impact on reach, Facebook will always favour you using their stuff. So keep ’em happy and stick with FB. They like loyalty.