Mat and I went to the Chiropractor together last week.

As he lay on the table, getting his adjustments, chatting to our Chiro and talking about how his body was feeling, I was sitting and thinking about how my body felt. I realised that something was different. When I think back to many of my appointments with her in 2019, I recall feeling rubbish when I arrived, saying things like I ‘really needed’ that appointment.

Thus time, the discomfort I had been feeling regularly wasn’t there.

Since the appointment, I’ve been thinking about how much better my body felt and exploring why.

I recognised that I’ve made some small changes since moving to Redcliffe. Firstly, we live by the water now, and I’m confident that the salt air I’m constantly breathing plays a part in me feeling physically more relaxed. I’m stretching my shoulders more to support better posture. I also sleep with a pillow under my knees to support my lower back. But as is considered this further tonight, there’s so much more going on in terms of my energy.

I feel more aligned than ever.

And we are energy first, physical second.

I’ve had some difficult conversations. I’ve made peace with some worries I’d been carrying. I’ve spoken my truth like never before. I’ve been more confident in myself. I feel more integral than ever, more congruent. My daily devotion is more consistent than ever before. Teaching intuition is good for my body.

My service is my medicine.

Teaching has brought me into alignment in ways I could never have imagined.

And knowing that we are so much more than this physical body, I’ve realised that I felt different at that chiropractor appointment because…

I am LITERALLY more aligned.