I’ve been doing this for a while now, and everyone I speak to comes up against this one challenge when it comes to FB content…

Actually getting it DONE.

It almost always comes down to getting it done. Finding time, doing it regularly, not feeling like you’re always behind and playing catch up. But lucky for you, I’ve put together my 5 top tips and tricks for you to help you overcome it!

Tip #1 – Get your shit together 
Being organised really helps with this whole biz thing. Block out time in your weekly calendar so you can do little bits at a time, as this will easy the stress and the burden. When you feel stressed, you’re less likely to be able to actually come up with content when you actually sit down to do it. If you have a booking system, you can actually book appointments with yourself. Or you can just write them in your diary. That works too. Blocking out time weekly works for the other important things you need to do regularly in your biz, like bookkeeping (if you DIY), newsletters, posting in FB groups, blogs etc. Delaney Van Baalen can vouch for this, doing a little bit regularly can really help to keep you sane!

Tip #2 – Get ahead at the start
Tip #1 is really helpful, and if you can do it consistently, then you’ll be right as rain. But if the shit hits the fan, and you skip a week or so, then your page becomes neglected. The good news is that there’s a way to cover yourself. If it’s time to make a commitment to getting more consistent on your FB biz page, then set aside a 2 hour session to get you a couple of weeks of content.

Tip #3 – Post on the go
Whenever you find yourself waiting, open your Facebook Pages Manager app and schedule a post or two. This is great to do when you are waiting for doctor’s appointments, at school pickup, during ads on TV or waiting for the kettle to boil.

Tip #4 – When you’re already on FB
If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling FB, make an effort to jump over to the Facebook Pages Manager app and schedule a post about something you saw that was interesting as you were scrolling. That way – your mindess scrolling isn’t wasted!

Tip #5 – Have a content plan
Ever noticed how easy it is to come up with something to post about in those FB groups (like mine) that have theme day hashtags? Well, the same goes for your FB biz page. If you’ve got a content plan, it’s much easier to get posts done. If you don’t know what a content plan is, or how to use one – click here.

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