It's really important to have big goals and dreams. But without action they won't come to fruition. Here's how to break it down and achieve that goal!!

Facebook post ideas: WHO

I am very excited to share this with you and I trust that you will find some guidance, love and support to find inspiration!Some questions that we are going to look at together today are around WHO your clients are. You could schedule one WHO post per week, fortnight,...

Why it’s so important to have brand colours

I have spoken to so many women who love so many different colours, fonts and styles that they don't settle on any brand colours. They fear being 'boxed in' to a colour selection that they might not always love. That's not necessarily the case... let me explain.

Website content – stay up to date!

Keeping your website content up to date is vitally important. Why? Well, there's many reasons. In fact, there's too many to explore in one article! So let's touch on a couple here today and we'll add to it as we go. CredibilityIf you've got old dates or outdated...