If you’re hanging out in Facebook groups with other like-minded women, and you’re participating in conversations, posting and making offers – chances are that someone will click on your profile (your personal one) to go and have a look at what your biz is all about. Far too often, I see people who DON’T have this set up and working, and it’s a HUGE missed opportunity.

Step 1: Go to your personal profile

Step 2: Check the ‘intro’ section lists your business and is hyperlinked (clickable)

If it’s there, you’re off to a good start but you’re not done yet! We need to check and see who can actually see it, because most people who find you in FB groups aren’t your FB friends, and if your settings aren’t public for this section, they won’t see your business and you’ll lost them. Instantly. They’ll go back to their notifications or newsfeed and you’ll be forgotten in a heartbeat. Nobody wants to have to put in effort to find your biz page, and quite frankly – they won’t. Nor should they.

Step 3: Click on ‘about’

Step 4: Select ‘work and education’

Step 5: Hover over the entry that lists your business. If you see the globe show up – it means it’s public. That’s what we’re looking for. Public means that even if someone is NOT your FB friend, they can still see your biz and click on it to check it out. If it’s not a globe, then you need to update your settings. Here’s how:

And now you’re done.


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