Hi there! If you’re looking for someone to cut through the bullsh*t and give you clear concise strategies for Facebook, you’re in the right place. Chances are, you’re a solopreneur looking for the bare essentials, only the stuff you REALLY need to know, because you’ve got enough on your plate running your biz, right?

Number 1: Love your page
You have GOT to have a FB page for your biz. It’s no use relying ONLY on Facebook groups, you need somewhere on FB where you are LEADING the conversation. A FB group (even your own) is a community where you JOIN the conversation. A group is NOT an opportunity for you to just sell your stuff. Don’t even get me started on people who teach that creating a FB group is a solution to your sales issues. It is not. Read more about that here.

Number 2: Groups
FB groups for solopreneurs are great. If you’re in some of the women-only ones I hang out in you’ll know what I mean. I’ve got a FB group, but we are unisex. Make use of these groups, pick one or a handful that you like, and utilise them. If you’ve got your own, great! Use it well. Be realistic and DO NOT set yourself up to post every single bloody day in every group you are in. It’s not manageable. I don’t. I can’t. But the great thing about these groups is that many of them offer a theme per day setup, and often you have one day per week where you can offer your stuff. Which leads me to strategy number 3….

Number 3: Offer your stuff 
I cannot stress this enough. If you are a solopreneur, and you don’t promote yourself…. WHO WILL???? Ain’t nobody gonna do it for you! So if you are NOT promoting the things you sell in FB groups for entrpreneurs, you are ripping yourself off. Big time. Start offering on the offer days, and engaging on some of the other days too. Don’t be that person who posts an offer and disappears until that same day next week. It does not work. Trust me.

Number 4: Don’t be a rollercoaster
Be consistent. This is what I was talking about with the second strategy. Pick which groups you wanna play in (read engage in) and be consistent. The most important part of being consistent is setting a realistic expectation of what you can do. If you try to go too hard too fast, you’ll burn out and end up dropping off FB for a month or two. That does NOTHING for your visibility and doesn’t paint a good picture to your potential clients. Same goes on your FB page. Be consistent by setting a realistic goal for the number of posts per week you’ll do. If you’re starting out 3-4 per week is ok, but once you’re hitting that then you work towards one per day, then when you’re nailing that you stretch for 2 per day for half the week, and so on – you’re always building on it. Set yourself up for success by starting with a bite sized chunk you can actually chew, then you can increase the goal as you’ve achieved consistency with it. It’s much better than massive highs and then disappearing. Don’t be a rollercoaster.

Number 5: Give value 
Make sure that you are sharing your knowledge with people on Facebook. You want them to get a taste test of what it’s like to work with you by sharing your knowledge. It also helps them learn to trust you as an expert in your field. When they trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. Don’t stress about giving it all away. It’s not possible. And for those who take your advice and implement it without needing your services will always remember that you helped, and they will become advocates of what you teach/do/share. Give it freely in groups and on your page. I do.

Number 6: Use your face
If you are a solopreneur, you’ve gotta get your face out there. People are buying YOU. They have to know YOU. They want to learn about YOU. They want to know that you are the right person to invest their hard earned cash with. This includes giving people a sneak peek into your world outside of your business. Let them in. They love it.