You NEED juicy content on your FB page.

Nobody wants to see you posting about what you sell day in, day out. It’s dull and it’s not very interesting for them. They want THE JUICY STUFF. They want it to be engaging, as much as you do.


Because it’s SOCIAL media! And lots of peeps forget about that. They forget about the social part of their social media. So I’ve put together a little list of 3 healthy habits you need to ensure you’ve got the juicy stuff.

Your followers want to know what it’s like behind the scenes. So tell them! Share what life is like. To do this, you NEED to take pics of what you get up to. If you need examples, check out thisthisthis and this post.

Share some personal stories, fun facts and cool stuff about yourself. Got a million cats? Post about it. Got a shoe fetish? Post about it. Got the cutest kids in the world? Post about them. Done some cool stuff like skydive or bungee jump? Post about when you did it. Travelled to cool places? Post about it.

Get your followers involved. Ask to see their pets, ask what their first car was, their favourite colour, what their star sign is, why they’re vegan, their favourite colour/food/animal, where they are from, ask if they have kids and if so how many… you get the idea.

Bonus tips:

  1. ALWAYS include a pic.
  2. It helps if you shout out to people, and tag them, too.
  3. Take pics on the go
  4. Get comfy with selfies/pics of you
  5. Take pics when you’re feeling good in your own skin
  6. Just because a photo wasn’t taken TODAY, doesn’t mean you can’t use it!