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I’m all about challenging courageous women who have had enough of their own bullsh*t to get out of their own way so they can create the life they want, rather than letting their fear run the show. I’m bold, I’m passionate, I’m a trickster and I am on a mission to eradicate tall poppy syndrome amongst Australian women. We should be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down, so I have 3 key words that sum up my mission: rise, inspire and shine!

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A little bit about me

I’m a qualified Intuitive Guide which means I work with energy – charkas, past lives, akashic libraries, divine feminine archetypes and channelling. My passion is helping women move fear from the driver’s seat in their lives and I love really bad dad jokes. Welcome to my website!

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What They Are Saying

  • If I had to describe Chenae’s Fearless and Free workshop in one word, it would be: transformational. Chenae was nurturing, strong and yet gentle in leading us through the exercises. The break throughs, A-ha moments and reframing, it was all SO good. The whole event flowed effortlessly, new friends were made and we felt the love of the whole room, so many tears were shed, it was beautiful. Thank you Chenae!
    Debbie Jay - The Mama Circle
    Debbie Jay – The Mama Circle
  • Chenae’s Fearless & Free workshop in Brisbane was the most nurturing, supportive and safe way to play with the energies and underlying factors of some of my greatest fears… Chenae is a powerful space-holder, an incredible guide, an authentic coach who gently (but firmly) asks the right questions and holds a mirror up for true reflection and insight. As the facilitator of a strong and vulnerable group, teaching a topic many would find intimidating or overwhelming, Chenae is an absolute breath of fresh air! Love you! Loved your workshop! Thank you, gorgeous one!
    Claire Barton Coaching
    Claire Barton Coaching

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