“I’m surprised I still have a brain after Chenae’s Facebook Content Session. MIND. Blown. Several times. I’d been feeling stale and not myself posting in Facebook, and even though I loved all the groups, I just couldn’t be bothered. Everything felt forced or not-quite-me. And along comes the bubbly Chenae with her, “this is easy and I’ll show you” style and 90 minutes flew by. I love how everyone contributes and we we get direct feedback from others to see how they experience us in the group. Planning flowed and I can’t wait to use her ideas. I’ll be back for more.”

Denise Litchfield – Clairvoyant Medium

“When I first came back to business, after having 18 months maternity leave, everything in the world of Facebook had changed. Chenae has brought me up to speed and as a result my business page doubled it’s following and I’ve had more activity on my Facebook page then ever before. Chenae has a natural skill on knowing how to bring community and connection to your business through Facebook groups and pages. She is a gifted and talented lady whose positivity and visibility are inspiring. If you are needing support in Facebook, she is the only person you need to contact!”

Helena Ryan – Ancestral Clearer


Learning from Chenae, first through her free offerings and more recently joining her Monthly workshops has simply transformed my Holistic Tooth Fairy Facebook Page. Understanding my insights is obviously useful. Getting lots of ideas for what to post is very helpful. Yet I think the most valuable thing has been hitching a ride on Chenae’s joyous enthusiasm for Facebook pages. I’ve fallen in love with my Page and been able grow it consistently through the ups and downs of solo entrepreneurship.

Meliors Simms – The Holistic Tooth Fairy


Thank you!“Sooo, I absolutely loved our session! I am on track with everything and I have the confidence to go and smash it. I mean, I cannot expect to get what I want out of this biz if I sit back waiting for it to happen and by just serving what comes in. I need to be hungrier and damn accountable for my own actions. I was doing myself a disservice for allowing myself to play small, and girl you have absolutely changed the way I am thinking about that. So yep! Two massive thumbs up from me lovely!!”

Shonah – ShonahBstyle


thank-you“Working with Chenae has been exactly what I have needed to help grow my business. I love doing blogs yet found it difficult to promote and advertise my products. Chenae listened to my ideas, request and what kind of feel that I wanted and she delivered in a beautiful and soulful way. I highly recommend anyone who is getting overwhelmed with making content for there social media to work with Chenae. You get lots of content for a set period as well as being able to re-use it. Thanks so much Chenae, it has been a pleasure working with you.”

Tammie – Earth Radiance


Leah Testimonial“Thank you so much for your Effing Fabulous Facebook Workshop! It was great to meet you and have your expertise to hand. 🙂 Being new to Canva, having you walk me through making templates and using them was so helpful and made it so much quicker than I would have been able to do by myself. It’s amazing to have so much content at my fingertips, and I have already seen a boost in people engaged since the workshop due to the scheduled posts. For those thinking about whether to book in, I’d say definitely go ahead and book!”

 Leah – Make Life Easier Organising


TestimonialsV3 (1)

“I had no idea what to expect from my initial life coaching session with Chenae and I really enjoyed it. Especially as it gave me awareness of the areas of my life that I haven’t been paying enough attention to, that I really need to, to move forward. I just read through my tasks to do and I love how each one is easily achievable and you get to enjoy the buzz of crossing them off, knowing they’re helping you towards an overall big picture goal.”

Maz – Life Coaching client



Shan circle“Chenae requires no recommendation … I GUARANTEE you will benefit from her advice and social media savvy. She combines her love of the social media realm with a passion for communicating with people from all walks of life. Chenae has helped me to identify areas I can improve when it comes to all of my online marketing, not just my social media pages. She has actively pursued leads and opportunities for me since our session, demonstrating her willingness to go above and beyond to support small businesses and solo artists. Book in today, you won’t regret it!”

Shannon – Adelpha Design


TestimonialsV3 (1)

“After just one session with Chenae, my focus became so much sharper. After my first session with her I came away with 10 achievable goals, 3 of which I achieved within 2 days. I have learnt strategies on setting achievable goals that I can transfer to every aspect of my life. In just one hour I learnt more about myself than I could have imagined. Coaching with Chenae exceeded my expectations. She is 100% focused on you and your goals during your session and has warmth and a genuine caring that puts you at ease, allowing you the space you need to grow.”

Danielle – Life Coaching client


TestimonialsV3 (1)

“Chenae offers a wonderfully illuminating, unique method of coaching. She helps you understand what your values are, and how you can work towards living to your full potential. Chenae doesn’t just ask you to skim the surface, but rather encourages you to dig deep, so that you can really know and understand yourself. She supports you every step of the way, helping you set achievable goals to move you forward. Chenae’s energy is so positive and uplifting, as she encourages you to be the best YOU you can be.”

Kerry Solomon – Nourished Yoga


“Chenae is a powerhouse of energy and excitement. In one hour we clarified where I’m at on 10 different aspects, set goals and made a  list for actions to propel me forward. It was as easy as pie. I now have a great tool to work with whenever I choose. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. If you question what an hour can achieve I suggest you give it a go. It will astound you. Feeling pumped to be moving forward. Love and laughter.”

Kristen – Life Coaching client


“Having never had a life coaching session before I had not idea what to expect. I was amazed at what we were able to achieve in just one hour. The biggest ‘aha’ for my is that moving forward is not about one huge, radical upheaval but rather a series of small, incremental steps that together create this amazing momentum. The best thing about lots of small actions – they are easy to do on a day-to-day basis, and they’re SUSTAINABLE! I’m on my way to where I want to be! Thank you Chenae x”

Megan – Life Coaching client


Hilke circle

“I have just enjoyed a fantastic session with Chenae on how to work with my Facebook page for business. The session was focussed and informative, with a friendly vibe. I have come away with several strategies which I can implement straight away. Chenae has given me the clarity I needed to go ahead and make the most of the tools I have. Thank you, Chenae!”

Hilke – Hilke’s Health



TestimonialsV3 (1)“I had no idea what to expect from life coaching, but Chenae immediately put me at ease.  She has a great outlook, a great energy, and I loved the way she kept reminding me that this is MY life and I’m the only one who can create the life that I want!  We did a short exercise to assess my current life in a few different areas, and I left the session with really really small steps that I am now taking to improve all areas of my life.  One of the main things I learnt from our first session together was that I tend to overwhelm myself and try to overhaul everything at once – Chenae helped me break everything down into small, achievable steps which is just what I needed!”

– Dannielle – Life Coaching client


Anne circle“Chenae was great at addressing the important points which had been leaving me struggling when it came to my Facebook business page. The session was well-structured and Chenae showed great understanding in my business and therefore gave many ideas specific to the industry which I can take forward with my page. Key learnings for me included the balance of content, thinking differently and how to get traction. I would recommend Chenae to anyone who is looking to promote their business through Facebook and learn how to navigate social media presence to full effect.”

Anne – GlowFix Nutrition


 Adele circle“I recently had a session with Chenae and found the hour so very valuable. She was able to provide me with tangible actions that I could start immediately following our session. Chenae very quickly assessed where I was at and what I needed so she could tailor the session. The structure of the Skype session was easy to follow. What I most liked about Chenae’s business approach was her attention to detail from our very first contact. I was pleasantly surprised by her personalised contact, approach and follow through with no hard sell. Finally she’s a great motivator who is as excited and behind your business as you are. I highly recommend her.”

Adele – Creating Connected Communities


Saule circle“A graceful combination of advice and coaching – just what I needed! Chenae provided a quick workable solution for my dilemma of operating on both local and international markets in 2 different languages. After only a 1 hour session I have much needed clarity and an action plan for my FB business page posts for at least a month, and a general vision for much longer. The session was about positive energy and focused on my goals.”

Saule – Free Your Genuis



Teneille circle“I highly recommend Chenae. The service I experienced was outstanding and professional, especially when I was so unsure about starting up my own business. Chenae made it easy and always had great ideas to help me through the process. Thank you so much for being so patient with me, and looking forward to doing more with Chenae as my business grows too.”

Teneille – Whole Health Transformation



Shirley circle

“Dessert did someone say dessert? It’s always a good time for dessert. Thanks Chenae for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me. I can’t wait to start using Facebook to it’s fullest potential.”

Shirley Blyth Indulge Designer Cakes




Yvonne circle“Earlier this week I was privileged to receive a 30 minute session with Chenae. I’ve had a FB page for about a year, but hadn’t had the courage to make many posts. Wow, was it a jam-packed 30 minute session! In 2 days I’ve had an incredible response to my posts. Now I have loads of ideas and the courage to post about who I am and the service I provide. Thanks Chenae – you’re amazing.”

Yvonne Fletcher – Birth Doula



Deb circle“Last Saturday evening I had a one-on-one intensive business page session with the beautiful and talented Chenae. During the session I learnt how to be more productive on my page with scheduling posts ahead of time, and also how to tap into my creative side to format my page to be authentically me. Chenae’s support and rapport allowed me to feel really open and confident in working on my business page. I highly recommend everyone to have a session or 3 with this amazing woman, the increase in activity on my page is 100% more than it has been. Thank you so much Chenae.”

Deb Lobendahn – Authentically You


Untitled design (6)“Chenae is an amazing source of knowledge and has the best energy to work with. I left our session with so much info to utilise & still feel like I have her support. Highly recommend!”

Laura Elkaslassy – Adroit Business Solutions




Bec circle“I’m so excited to put my plan into place after my Facebook intensive with Chenae. What a wonderful, motivating, inspiring session! I can very highly recommend Chenae and her services, AMAZING!! x”

Bec Clough – Reiki Reinspired




Verity circle“Starting a Facebook Business page was a little overwhelming and at first I struggled knowing what content to put out there and how to get any engagement. After one session with Chenae I realised I had masses of content to post. Chenae also helped me to make it more personal and less ‘clinical’, which felt much more natural to me. Now I find it easy to create content on a daily basis, and plan and schedule my posts to create plenty of engagement from Facebook. Chenae was personal, and her beautiful friendly disposition made it so easy to work with her. I’d recommend Chenae to anyone who isn’t sure how to work their business via Facebook!”

Verity Mansfield – A Beautiful Truth


Tamara circle“Chenae is very organised and it was simple to make an appointment. She was clear in what I needed to bring to the appointment and reminded me just before. I found this helpful. She is very approachable and easy to converse with. I found talking with Chenae about my business helped me clarify a lot of things. I took away several points to focus on in 2016. I look forward to working with Chenae again!”

Tamara – Play Easy



Nardia circle“Chenae, thank you for taking the time to sit with me and go through my posting routine for my business page. It was fantastic to simply get back to basics and have another person’s unbiased view point on my content. I find all too often I over think my social media strategy and complicate things to the point that I lose motivation. Thank you for helping me become excited over my business page again! I would highly recommend Chenae to any and every one using Social Media as a part of their marketing strategy.”

Nardia – Barrett Financial Services


Sandra circle“Chenae made the session very easy and enjoyable as it was the complete opposite to what I was expecting (very complicated and full of technical jargon that I wouldn’t comprehend easily). Her personality is very bubbly and she’s very knowledgeable as she conveys it in a very passionate and enthusiastic tone which makes it easy for beginners to understand. I definitely feel more confident by the tips that she has given me such as scheduling my posts which will make it less time consuming for me to be physically present.”

Sandra – Cell Magic


Peggy circle“Thank you so much for my session, it is amazing how many little things you over look when you are starting a business… it is great to stop and have advice from an outsiders perspective and make sure that I am doing the fundamentals. I found your online session to be incredible valuable and cannot thank you enough for spending the time with me! I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Peggy Willcox – Real Estate



Dania circle

“Thank you so much for your session! I have been applying your tips and getting some great feedback already on my page. I’m so grateful for your insights I can see them really helping my page along, now and into the future. Thanks again!”
Dania Foster – Of Light and Earth




Untitled design (18)“Lovely to connect with you at your workshop. An afternoon of learning how to get more from my Facebook business page with the Chenae, very exciting and fun posts to come! I’m so looking forward to sharing more about Norwex and create my new hashtag! My Entrepreneurial Mentor is now Chenae Carey. She is fabulous and I look forward to having her support in my Norwex future”

Amy – Norwex Independant Sales Consultant



TestimonialsV3 (1)“Thanks for a fun and informative afternoon. I loved the way you were able to work with each of us at our levels. I benefited from the tips you shared and the knowledge and experience of others.”

Anne – private Facebook client