Life Coaching

Tell me, are you completely, totally and UTTERLY satisfied with every single part of your life right now?  In your work? Your relationship? Your friendships? Your family? Your finances? Your self worth? Your confidence? Your health? Your material possessions? Your identity? Your motivation?


If you are not completely satisfied in one or more of those areas of your life, a Life Coach can support you to get from where you are right now, to where you REALLY want to be.


Life Coaching has taught me how to be the BEST version of myself. My life is bigger and brighter than ever as a result of Life Coaching. It has taught me how to love myself more and more, how to acknowledge myself and how to turn my wildest dreams into my reality. I’ve been through 7 months of intense, vigorous coaching, being coached and learning how to coach. I’ve done over 200 hours of coaching training. I have laughed, cried, celebrated and held the hearts of a group of fellow Life Coaches and volunteer clients, and I have built bonds. I only work with people who are ready to change.


Single session: $95


3 sessions: $255                    


3 month package: $895 




Unwind Your Worry: Are you worrying about something that hasn’t even happened yet? If so, it’s  probably causing you stress and anxiety. We can unwind that.

Busting Beliefs: Do you have a negative belief that is causing chaos in your life? Some examples of beliefs that we can work through are: I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve it, I am not worth it, money is hard work, I am a failure, I’m not smart, I don’t belong. We can change them.

Understanding Your Values: Do you know what your values are? Values are what make you tick and influence the decisions you make in life. We’ll decipher your values, get them into order and we’ll get you understanding how your values have impacted your life at a deeper level, and how to move forward with your values working FOR you.

Dream BIG: Do you want realistic, exciting and life changing goals? Have you ever set a goal that you have still not achieved? It’s time to achieve! Together we will work on finding out what you REALLY want from life, set goals around them and create strategies for you to actually achieve them.

Chenae offers a wonderfully illuminating, unique method of coaching. She helps you understand what your values are, and how you can work towards living to your full potential. Chenae doesn’t just ask you to skim the surface, but rather encourages you to dig deep, so that you can really know and understand yourself. She supports you every step of the way, helping you set achievable goals to move you forward. Chenae’s energy is so positive and uplifting, as she encourages you to be the best YOU you can be.” – Kerry Solomon – Nourished Yoga

I had no idea what to expect from life coaching, but Chenae immediately put me at ease. She has a great outlook, a great energy, and I loved the way she kept reminding me that this is MY life and I’m the only one who can create the life that I want! We did a short exercise to assess my current life in a few different areas, and I left the session with really really small steps that I am now taking to improve my life. One of the main things I learnt from our first session together was that I tend to overwhelm myself and try to overhaul everything at once – Chenae helped me break everything down into small, achievable steps which is just what I needed!” – Dannielle

I had no idea what to expect from my initial life coaching session with Chenae and I really enjoyed it. Especially as it gave me awareness of the areas of my life that I haven’t been paying enough attention to, that I really need to, to move forward. I just read through my tasks to do and I love how each one is easily achievable and you get to enjoy the buzz of crossing them off, knowing they’re helping you towards an overall big picture goal.” – Maz

After just one session with Chenae, my focus became so much sharper. After my first session with her I came away with 10 achievable goals, 3 of which I achieved within 2 days. I have learnt strategies on setting achievable goals that I can transfer to every aspect of my life. In just one hour I learnt more about myself than I could have imagined. Coaching with Chenae exceeded my expectations. She is 100% focused on you and your goals during your session and has warmth and a genuine caring that puts you at ease, allowing you the space you need to grow.”- Danielle