Facebook content done for you!

Are you sick of writing your own Facebook content? Is it frustrating you? Taking too much time? Too hard? Let me do it for you! Firstly, we’ll have a 15 min initial video chat on Zoom to ensure we’re a good fit. Click here to book a 15 min chat.


$290 per month (3 posts per week)

$380 per month (4 posts per week)

$480 per month (5 posts per week)

$580 per month (6 posts per week)

$670 per month (7 posts per week)

(2 month minimum on all packages)


Includes a monthly video call with me on Zoom, up to 2hrs during which I will create your Facebook posts for you, with your input. My team will create images where required and schedule them onto your page for you. We need access to your FB page, Canva account and Asana. Content works in blocks of 4 weeks. Book a 15 min chat with me if you have questions, or send me a PM on FB.



THE BIG KAHUNA – 150 posts

$1100 (I make your posts, AND post them)

Includes monthly video calls with me (on Zoom), during which I will create Facebook posts for you and schedule them onto your page for you. The length of the calls will depend on how much content you want each week. Where required, I’ll create images in Canva for you too. You’ll need to give me access to your FB page. Payment plan available.


NOTE: I will need a mixture of photos of you, colours, logo, and font info (if you have them) if you’d like images done. If you don’t, I will need you to select a colour palette and some fonts before I can start designing.