9 steps to get ready to outsource your FB content to a VA

I want you to know that it takes a while to get ready to outsource your FB content, and if you don’t want to make the mistakes I made, there’s some effort required on your part, before you can bring someone on board. I learned the hard way, so take it from me. I’ve created list […]

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There is NO SUCH THING as a personal Facebook PAGE

Facebook pages. It’s time to set the records straight. It seems that a lot of us are getting the names mixed up. There is NO SUCH THING as a personal Facebook page! We have Facebook pages, Facebook profiles, and Facebook groups. Please make an effort to learn the difference between the three. Facebook PAGE I want to […]

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What’s the best time of the month to BATCH your FB content?

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I have a very interesting topic to talk about with you today!   In a recent 1:1 session with a client (she knows who she is) we started discussing batching her FB content. We talked about recording videos and writing posts, and she mentioned that she likes to work with her flow. […]

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3 tips to beat the FB algorithm

Hey! How about that FB algorithm, huh? It’s a bit of a pain in the ass. It’s constantly changing and confusing the hell out of us all. I see so many people trying to find out ways to beat the algorithm, to work our tricks and sneaky ways to do things. Some involve putting links […]

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What the heck is happening with FB at the moment?

Alright FB, we need to talk. What the bloody hell is going on with FB right now? I’m seeing people freaking out because their biz pages have just DISAPPEARED, others have had weird things happening with their notifications, and some people are just seeing heaps of weird stuff happening.   Just this morning, I got […]

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5 things you need to know about scheduling FB content

Scheduling FB content is a controversial topic. Some people loooooooooooove it, and others really resist it. In an increasingly busy world, us solopreneurs need to utilise things that save us time, money and energy wherever possible. Regardless of where you are at with your biz journey, scheduling your FB content onto your FB biz page […]

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8 ways to increase the reach of your FB posts

Are you feeling like the reach on your FB biz page sucks? I bet you’re sick of it. It’s understandable. I get it. So here’s eight tips and tricks on how to increase the reach of your posts. It’s a complex web, that ol’ FB algorithm, so use these strategies to help bump up the reach of your […]

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