What do I do when Facebook starts glitching out? Be grateful.

It’s quite common to hear about Facebook doing weird things. Sometimes people can’t access their page insights, other times you can’t schedule posts. I’ve heard about pages disappearing entirely, and comments being duplicated in the one conversation. The list goes on and on, and there’s always new glitches happening. I see lots of folks getting really frustrated […]

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PLEASE don’t start another Facebook group!

2018 has (so far) been a big year for talking about Facebook groups. It’s been a VERY hot topic. I’ve done client sessions where we have talked about how to close down long-standing groups, how to create new groups, and how to get the engagement happening in groups that aren’t doing so well. Every now and then […]

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Should I respond to business Facebook messages after hours?

The short answer is no, you shouldn’t. But if you’re anything like me – you’ll feel compelled to reply if you’re online when the message comes through. That feeling is often linked to wanting to improve/maintain your RESPONSE RATE. Y’know, that little measurement on your FB page that we sometimes feel like we need to have […]

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Why aren’t the posts on my FB page converting into sales?

If you’re feeling frustrated about your FB page efforts not converting into sales of your stuff – you’re not alone. I’ve spoken to truck loads of female solopreneurs who feel the same way. So I bet you’d like to know HOW to get those posts to convert, right? Why aren’t they converting? Let me answer your […]

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Where to look for a VA to help with FB posting

Anytime I talk about Virtual Assistants (VAs) I get asked where to find a VA. I use Upwork. Upwork is free to use to search for VAs and there’s LOADS of people on there. You only pay for the work the VA does. There’s premium paid versions but I simply haven’t needed it.   The […]

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How to set up your FB content plan in Asana

This quick video is under 7mins, and steps you through how I organise myself so that a VA can manage my FB content in Asana. I hope you like it!   If you need some help getting ready for this, grab a copy of my free workbook! It’s designed to get you ready to start […]

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How to give your new VA their first FB content task

Before I talk about how to give your new VA their first FB content task, I need to share something important with you guys.   OUTSOURCING DOES NOT EQUAL ZERO EFFORT ON YOUR PART.   You’re gonna get a rude shock if you think that this blog is going to tell you how to remove yourself entirely […]

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