About me

Hi there! My name is Chenae Carey (as you’ve probably figured) and I am pretty sure I am here on this earth to help people with their confidence when connecting with their customers on social media, as well as confidently connecting with their own purpose.

My first focus and passion in my biz was Facebook content and confidence for small biz owners. I work with people to really connect with their followers and their audience, rather than just slapping up content for the sake of it. My style of content build confidence in my clients because the content we do together makes sure their followers actually get to KNOW them, LIKE them, and TRUST them – all essential ingredients in the decision making process of their clients and customers. It’s important to not waste time on social media if writing the content yourself is not for you. With me, you can either DIY or I can do it for you so you can pursue what YOU’RE good at.

After a few years my own interest in personal development sparked a light bulb moment, I realised I could help people to chase their dreams and run their own biz, as well as firing up their marketing and social media. I decided I wanted the freedom, excitement and independence of running my own biz too. I could help people AND get what I wanted? So I started my biz on the side of a day job. Then, at a workshop about designing my IDEAL life in October 2014, I put it out to the world that I wanted to be out of my day job within 12 months. It was scary to say it out loud, to voice my dreams. I did a process to qualify whether I was congruent with that idea. It turns out that this IDEA was in line with ALL of my values, my head, heart, gut and spirit said YES, it was in integrity, and it TOTALLY aligned with my vision, mission and purpose. 12.5 months later, my job was made redundant.




Now I get to support people to create the life they truly desire with one-on-one coaching and sassy self love workshops (with champagne, dancing and shopping… woohoo!), and create consistent, engaging  and REALLY connected Facebook content all day, every day.


 And I friggin LOVE IT!




So if you want to supercharge your social media, sort your strategies to live and love your ideal life or even both of those combined, I’d LOVE to work with you. You can get in touch with me here.